Academy Teams

U10 Players (2007 Born) Technical Success in the last year (Includes Dribbling, Juggling, Technical Skills
Increase 12%
U12 Players (2005 Born) Technical Success in the last year (Includes Dribbling, Juggling, Technical Skills
Increase 15%

Academy Vision

We offer a Competitive Teams Structure Based on European Professional Academies

We aim to change the way young players are developed in North America. We want our players to be technically excellent and intelligent and independent decision-makers on and off the field.

To achieve this, we strive to provide our young players with positive learning experiences that fosters a love of the game and facilitates opportunities to develop their talent to it's greatest potential.

As they grow, we will continuously provide them with pathways to the next level.



Program Details

Our players follow the training methodology of Professional Club academies in Europe. 1v1 Soccer FC teams train between 2-3 times/week and play one competitive game.

The program includes all 4 corners of development:
- Technical skills
- Intelligent Decision/GameUnderstanding
- Speed and Co-ordinated Movements
- Psychological Training


Development Principles

It is our belief that to develop skilled young players within the current Canadian soccer environment, we need to provide enhanced and fully integrated training programs that exposes young players to quality coaching instructions earlier, train them on a more frequent basis and has access to them over a longer periods of a season.

These training principles have proven successful in other countries and we apply the same principles within the 1v1 Soccer FC Academy Teams Program.

Players are tested every 3 months throughout the season. We use this data to track player improvement or areas for development in all aspects of the game.


Outdoor Season - 2018

1v1 Soccer FC is a founding member of the Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada (SAAC). Our academy teams play in SAAC competitions and we are the sanctioned non-club academy with the OSA.

- U11: 9v9 Game competitions
- U13: 9v9 Game competitions

Video analysis: Games will be recorded and reviewed. We believe that reviews of games are important to develop the tactical growth of players

Fall/Winter Season 2017/18 - Futsal League

Why Futsal?

1) Technical Skills - Players touch the ball 210% more than other forms of indoor soccer and experience more 1v1 and 2v1 situations.
2) Creativity - With limited space and constant opponent pressure, players are challenged to develop creative solutions on the field.
3) Vision - With quick speed of play, transitions and the requirement for supporting runs, players must think one or two moves ahead.
4) Passion - Players enjoy the challenge of a fast-paced and fun skilled oriented game that has helped develop the top Spanish and Brazilian players in the world.