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About 1v1 Soccer FC

About 1v1 Soccer FC

1v1 Soccer FC was launched in 2000 and quickly establish itself as one of Canada's leading soccer development programs. We provide specialist soccer training for boys and girls of all abilities, ages 6 - 16+.

The program is led by Ian McClurg, a UEFA A licensed coach and former Toronto FC Academy and Ontario Provincial team staff coach.

The aim of 1v1 Soccer FC is to provide young Canadian players with soccer training experiences comparable with leading soccer nations.

Director of Coaching Ian McClurg

Director of Coaching - Ian McClurg

Ian is a UEFA A licence certified coach - Europe's top coaching qualification. He also holds US and Canadian B license qualifications and is a former provincial team coach for Ontario. During his career, he has worked with 6 players from the current Men's U20 Canadian National team's pool of players and 7 players form the current Canadian Women's National Team.

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Our Philosophy

Player Centric

The player must be placed at the central point of learning!

Our focus must always remain on the technical, tactical, physical and mental development of the individual player. Every child that enters our program is expected to leave our program not only a better player, but more importantly a better person. The player's academic education must work "hand-in-hand" with their learning as a player.

We are an individual skills development company that places emphasis on development of the individual. We emphasize individual creativity and game

Long-Term Vision

We aim to provide young Canadian players with similar soccer training experiences to other young players in Europe. Our training model is European academy based and we look to develop our own players "in-house" within our own community-based programs and prepare them for our elite programs at older ages.

We have a long-term vision with respect to developing young players. It takes 10,000 hours to develop an elite athlete and we try to attract young players and families who recognize and are committed to this long-term approach. Not all our players will strive to play the game at the elite level, but we do want to provide them with the skills to enjoy the game more at the level they wish to play at.

intelligence of our individual players over regimented team structures and team results.

Multiple Pathways

We provide multiple pathways! We do not own players in our programs. Our role is to develop and move along our players to higher levels of play and to assist them in their "soccer journey". We must continue to add additional player pathways such as Wolves FC, US Scholarship, MLS academies, Provincial programs and OPDL play in the near future. We are always there to assist our players that move onwards and upwards along the way........once a 1v1 player......always a 1v1 player!

Playing Philosophy

Play the 1v1 way! Skill + Creativity + Vision + Passion

  • High level of technical ability to retain possession and dictate tempo of play
  • Hardworking when not in possession
  • Fluid attack - minded systems of play
  • Quick 1 and 2 touch passing movements
  • Fluid changing of positions/roles as the games dictates
  • Attack minded dribbling and creative movements in attacking third
  • Togetherness as a group

Fundamental Principles for Success

  • Teach players to Play the 1v1 Way! Skill + Creativity + Vision + Passion
  • Prepare players individually to succeed at higher levels of the game
  • Prepare young players for a life in football
  • Establish formal pathways internationally for higher levels of play
  • Assist players with consultation on pursuing US scholarship opportunities
  • Play an exciting and entertaining brand of attacking football that reflects the skills developed in street soccer and futsal
  • Mentor our players in our core human values..integrity, respect, honesty, passion, positive attitude, pride in what you do, teamwork, desire to learn, love of the game, perseverance and
  • humble commitment to excellence
  • Performance Objective

Aged 6 - 10

  • Coordination
  • Joy of Playing
  • Group Behaviour

 Aged 11 - 12+

  • Specific Soccer Exercises
  • Improved Technique
  • Positive Attitude
Player Attributes

Style of Play: Players


  • Ball MasteryCapable of close control with quick feet to make quick changes in direction. They must learn creative 1v1 moves to eliminate defenders from the game
  • Passing and ReceivingCapable of playing quick one and two touch passing on the ground with both feet. Can receive on the turn with the aim of playing forward when possible
  • TurningCapable of shielding and executing sharp turns and accelerating away  from defenders into open space
  • ShootingCapable of shooting accurately and consistently from different angles and distances


  • Ball Possession & MovementAbility to retain possession playing one or two touch passing. The ball should be moved quickly and players should immediately make movements to support or receive after playing a pass
  • TransitionPlayers must be capable of transitioning quickly between attacking and defending situations
  • Build up play from backIn order to establish an attacking rhythm in games, players must be capable of successfully playing the ball out from the back into the midfield areas


  • Speed & AgilityPlayers must have good agility, balance and co-ordination control and look to maximize their acceleration and deceleration speeds in small-space situations
  • EndurancePlayers must be capable of maintaining high levels of performance over the distance requirements of their age-group. This can be developed more at the older age-groups.
  • Strength & PowerThese attributes become more important once young players reach puberty. They help injuries and allow players to be more competitive during game situations


  • Respect for the gamePlayers should respect at all times their coaches, teammates, referees and opponents.
  • Co-operationPlayers should fully participate, as part of the team, to help make the soccer experiences of the entire group a positive one
  • Commitment to LearningPlayers should demonstrate at all times a "deep thirst for learning" in order to maximize their potential